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    Supply chain barriers matter more than trade tariffs


    A report published this week reveals that the reduction of certain supply chain and logistics barriers could have the potential to increase GDP and world trade significantly more than would eliminating all import tariffs on their own. The report, ‘Enabling Trade: Valuing Growth Opportunities’, suggests that governments, together with ...

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    Industry mourns loss of John McLaughlin


    The shipping and logistics industry, and its press, are mourning the death of John McLaughlin, a veteran journalist and press advisor, who died on Christmas Day 2012 following a short and sudden illness. He was 54 years old. McLaughlin wrote for more than two decades on the shipping ...

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    VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Why is India's infrastructure lagging?


    Why is India s infrastructure lagging behind growth? Dr Manoj Singh, transport adviser for the Indian government s Planning Commission, talks to Automotive Logistics Editor Christopher Ludwig about the role that the government is seeking to play in improving the logistics for India s automotive production and exports, as well ...

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    Investment drain from vehicle logistics in Europe


    Despite rising profits among many carmakers, Europe’s finished vehicle logistics industry is threatened by a lack of investment coupled by rising costs and stagnant rates, a scenario already causing capacity bottlenecks, according to the president of the European Association of Vehicle Logistics (ECG), Costantino Baldissara (pictured). Speaking to Automotive ...

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    Growing deeper roots


    Different strategies, similar networks Low volumes encourage good supplier relations The capacity situation Scheduling around capacity shortages Transplant brands in the US are facing pressure from currency fluctuations and resurgent domestic OEMs, putting more pressure on the bottom line, including maintaining lower inventories and meeting stricter delivery times, writes Christopher ...

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    Odette consortium seeks SME integration


    At this week’s Odette25 conference held in Munich, Germany, Odette International’s managing director John Canvin (pictured) revealed the progress being made on a project initiated by the EU Commission to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) communicate more effectively in the global automotive supply chain through digital integration and standardisation ...

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    Searching for the silver lining


    Cut costs, cut jobs, what about quality? Together in strife? The human factor as a long-term asset Tougher times must bring out the best Co-modality–friend or foe? Is Henry Ford’s vision wrapped in red tape? Collaborate so as to compete better 2010 and beyond Last year was a devastating one ...

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    Logistics is holding back South Africa’s industry


    With sales and exports hit hard, South Africa’s seven OEMs are scrambling to revamp their production to become more efficient, and pushing for the country’s rail and port operator to smarten up. If that doesn’t happen, carmakers may go elsewhere A lot going on at the bottom of the world ...

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    Harley takes over at crucial time for Ford MP&L


    Ford’s Stephen Harley officially assumes his new post this week as the OEM’s Executive Director for Global Material Planning and Logistics (MP&L) and for North American Parts Supply and Logistics (PS&L). It is an interesting time for Ford and a particularly crucial period for the MP&L organisation, as the ...