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  • FVL cover 2015 South Korea

    South Korea special reports: Miracles and vehicles on the Han


    As the world’s third largest exporter of vehicles, South Korea – and especially Hyundai Motor Group – makes a big splash when it comes to vehicle shipping and logistics. But as the industry changes, with growing regional production, fewer exports of some vehicles, and more competition at home, the supply ...

  • Article

    Global supply route complexity in an evolving industry


    As supply chains are now truly global operations, and complexity is only set to rise further, OEMs must prepare for every eventuality, writes Brad Brennan, (left). Growing supply route complexity is providing fresh challenges for automotive industry logisticians to overcome. Globalised production strategies, emerging hubs and increasing production agility are ...

  • Audi: Erstmals mehr als 50.000 Autos in einem Monat in China ausgeliefert

    Audi special reports: A global outlook


    Audi is exporting European best practices to support growing production ventures as far afield as China and Mexico

  • Braun,Hauf,Marschall

    Audi special reports conclusion: Experts at managing change


    Preventing unnecessary complexity can be just as important as managing it in Audi’s supply chain

  • Brad Brennan new

    Emergency logistics is an enabler for high-risk automotive supply strategies


    There was a time when the supply chain was thought of as being no more than the steady flow of components through tier suppliers to vehicle manufacturers, but the level of understanding is changing at a quickening pace. OEMs are now displaying an increasing awareness of the crucial role played ...

  • MOL_Comfort

    Slimstock因在MOL Comfort灾难中反应迅速而获


    Slimstock是总部位于英国的软件物流公司,因其在去年三井运输汽车零部件的货船在印度洋沉船时的敏捷反应,而在最近2014物流业务IT颁奖典礼里,获得规划与预测软件组奖项。 装箱的零部件是由IM Parts公司进口的,该公司在英国经销Subaru, Isuzu和Daihatsu汽车零部件。Automotive Logistics杂志曾在2013年6月报道过此事,那时几个公司刚刚开始合作,就有一船的货物沉入海底。IM Parts公司财务主任Mike Willetts说,“当满载货物的货船沉入海底时,我们面连着巨大的库存问题。如果我们的库存货物具有极大的前置时间的话,以最快速度解决这个问题就成为当务之急。多亏了Slimstock公司的支持,我们能够立即作出反应,并且采取必要措施,保证了我们客户的需求。” Slimstock公司帮助IM Parts公司制定恢复计划,在几个小时之内便解决了潜在的灾难性处境。” 英国Slimstock主任Richard Evan说,“虽然IM Parts公司陷入事故,处于极其危险的境地,但是我丝毫没有怀疑,以我们的专业知识,绝对能够立即解决问题,让运营回到正轨上来。”

  • evlyn-1.jpg

    In Profile: Evelyn Chiang, Tesla


    Evelyn Chiang’s first taste of logistics was when she was 13, virtually penniless, and supporting her family. Today she is the vice president of supply chain and IT at EV-maker Tesla Motors.

  • chain-1-198x161

    The business case for premium freight in the routine supply chain.


    For many years, the automotive industry has set the standard in lean supply chains. The motivator for this level of efficiency is necessity; automotive manufacturers are in a challenging position, producing a highly advanced product at a low cost considering the technology content. Car prices have not increased in real ...