Quick facts

percentage of business in automotive


existing customers

General Motors Europe / Adam Opel GmbH, BMW Group

annual turnover

Estimated €10m

location of activities

Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, United States of America



“Transparency, optimisation and control – We meet all of your outbound logistics needs”

Your network is hiding the data you need?

We’ll help you find it and put it to work.

Like we do with over 100 partners already.

Experience 100% transparency in all your

outbound logistics processes with our

global data interchange software, Net AFG.

• Transmission of dispatch orders

• Transaction protocolling

• Connection through AFG

high-performance mainframe


You think your outbound processes are wasting resources?

We’ll optimise and accelerate your dispatch

management. Stay on-time, all the time

with our dispatch control and optimisation

software, Disp AFG.

• Registration of vehicle hand-over

• Automatic parking-bay management

• Load management

• Documentation and reporting



You need to know the location of your vehicles?

We’ll provide the answer. Seven days a

week. 24 hours a day. Gain complete

control over your vehicle dispatching

processes with our tracking software,

Ask AFG.

• Individual track-and-trace for all

your vehicles

• Automatic run-time-control

• In-depth statistical analysis


AFG is your specialist for finished vehicle logistics in the automotive industry.

As a releasing agent, we manage and operate all distribution processes within the manufacturer’s plant, whether they are administrative or operative. With our custom software solutions, we support all outbound logistics operations, while fully integrating all participating parties.

What are your benefits from our services?

We can reduce your costs significantly by cutting storage times and helping you meet your deadlines. Your valuable goods are processed and handled with extraordinary care. We react flexibly to your individual


Market integration

As the link between manufacturer, car carrier and dealer, we bridge the gap between these actors. We provide

all parties with a common contact. Incomplete and belated information is not a problem with us; we guarantee

to provide correct, up-to-date and complete data.

Can AFG be a partner for you?

Definitely. We offer modular logistic solutions for the complete dispatch of vehicles. We design a concept especially for you, which is as individual as your requirements.

Why is AFG the best choice?

Our staff competence and our IT competence make us your most efficient and reliable partner. Because we provide great flexibility and quick reaction times.

Because we have small teams and versatile staff. Because we provide high quality services. Because we have

over 25 years of experience.






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