Euro Marine Logistics


Euro Marine Logistics (EML) was founded in 2011 as a joint-venture project between Mitsui OSK Lines and Höegh Autoliners. EML is one of Europe’s leading short-sea carriers, transporting more than 1m units a year. We challenge ourselves to provide a service with the highest quality and environmental responsibility and in line with customer needs.

All our vessels are designed to operate on short-sea and can be used according to market expectations. We are able to carry not only cars but also commercial vehicles and high-and-heavy cargo. Our fleet is divided into three classes:

• Small (750 CEU)

• Medium (1,500 CEU)

• Large (3,000-4,000 CEU).

Euro Marine Logistics has extensive experience in the factory-new light vehicle sector, where we partner with many global manufacturers. We also transport high-and-heavy equipment and our professional staff are ready to accommodate a variety of cargo: heavy machinery, tracked units, cranes, buses and much more.

EML does not own any ships but charters them in from the two mother companies to meet customer service requirements.

Both MOL and Höegh Autoliners have internationally recognised certification to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management standards – and this is applied to all vessels owned or operated by them. Under this group umbrella, all ISO requirements for safe management and environmental awareness are cascaded down to EML and cover all its operations, allowing EML to follow the same operations and quality procedures as our two ISO-credited owners.

EML has services in European waters from Russia to Turkey, covering the Baltic, Scandinavian, North Sea Biscay and Mediterranean areas. We provide sea transportation solutions to almost 20 countries and more than 25 ports and terminals covered by several trades.

The EML group, in close cooperation with other affiliate/group companies, is able to offer integrated logistics solutions throughout the whole of Europe and beyond.