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Bentley, BMW, Honda, Iveco, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia, Nissan, Porsche, PSA Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Suzuki, Tata Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen Group and more

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UK, Ireland, Turkey & India

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GBA Group is a UK market leader in the provision of E2E finished vehicle logistics solutions to the global automotive and shipping industries, with extended operations in Ireland, India and Turkey.

GBA has developed industry-leading technology solutions that provide its employees, OEMs, car dealerships and other customers with essential information used in operational planning for all elements of the customer’s supply chain.


GBA has long-standing relationships with its customers, many spanning over 25 years, and works directly with the world’s leading vehicle OEMs. The company has an unrivalled reputation for providing its customers with a valued service underpinned by technology.

Managing an extensive fleet of more than 150 modern car transporter vehicles, alongside our highly trained, dedicated team of drivers, we are the first choice in providing a reliable and efficient service in the transportation of new and used vehicles for the motor industry.

What’s more, our pioneering IT systems and in-house web platforms allow our customers to forecast and track their vehicles through each stage of the delivery process, from factory completion through to the point of retailer delivery.

Our transportation arm prides itself on providing a genuinely innovative and reliable service. Providing both national and zonal solutions, GBA Transport successfully delivers more than 350,000 vehicles per  annum and is an established carrier for the world’s most successful OEMs.

Working for manufacturers that expectonly the highest quality and operational service levels, GBA’s expertise in caring for the vehicle and end-user experience delivers consistent standards, backed by established and fully auditable processes and procedures that form the modus operandi on which our customers rely.

Our world-class storage operations and workshop facilities include those located at the UK’s most efficient ports, each in close proximity to strategic road and rail links.

GBA is an expert in optimised processing and supply chain management, employing unique, bespoke technology and expertise, to ensure seamless, prompt and dependable access to consumer markets.

Providing total end-to-end logistics solutions, a partnership with GBA is a ‘partnership in excellence’.


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