Quick facts

percentage of business in automotive


existing customers

Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, AvtoVAZ

annual turnover

€12m ($13.7m)

location of activities

Estonia, EU, Russia


Paldiski Northern Port is a 100% privately owned commercial port and Estonia’s closest seaport to western Europe on the Baltic Sea. It has the most convenient geographical location for transit between two large consumer markets: Russia and the EU.

Vehicle terminal

Paldiski Northern Port has a ro-ro terminal where new vehicles as well as heavy machinery and project cargo are handled. The port compounds are able to store up to 15,000 cars. The Free Zone territory of the port, a total area of 16 hectares, can handle storage of up to 6,000 cars.

Paldiski Northern Port is involved in more than the loading and discharging of vehicles. It also offers PDI services including car washing, application of full body covers and wheel disc protection, MOTs, etc.

The terminal is able to load 250 car carriers each day and customers benefit from a realtime view of the current status and progress of all vehicles at the terminal due to the most sophisticated IT compound management system, SyncroTESS, specially designed by INFORM GmbH.

Regular ferry/ro-ro lines

Paldiski Northern Port has a ferry connection to Hanko, Finland, and to Kapellskär, Sweden, six times a week as well as ro-ro sailings to and from Bremerhaven, Germany 2-3 times a week. There is also a service by Finnlines with a direct weekly connection to Paldiski from Bilbao, Spain, and Antwerp, Belgium. It is also possible to offer a service to/from Great Britain and to the entire Grimaldi-ACL network via Antwerp.

Transport services

A trucking company integrated into Paldiski Northern Port Group provides safe and fast delivery of vehicles between Paldiski Northern Port and major cities in the Russian Federation.

The company has its own trucks and car-carrier trailers. The transportation is carried out using Mercedes-Benz and DAF trucks with ROLFO trailers. All truck drivers are professionals with 5-15 years’ experience.

Faster border crossing between the European Union and the Russian Federation

Paldiski Northern Port offers its customers a simplified procedure for crossing the Estonian-Russian border. Palsteve OÜ, the subsidiary stevedore company and a customs broker, has the status of an Authorized Economic Operator of the European Union in respect of customs simplifications, security and safety.

Using the benefits provided by the Paldiski Northern Port Group of companies significantly reduces lead times and expenses in the transportation of finished vehicles from Europe to Russia. Usually it takes about 48 hours to deliver a vehicle, from the point of getting an order to load at Paldiski to reaching a car dealer in Moscow, including customs clearance.



Paldiski Northern Port 

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Member of the Management Board

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