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Quick facts

percentage of business in automotive

By tonnage, 11% of our business in 2017

was automotive

existing customers

Largest auto customers are Mercedes-Benz,

Mazda, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Subaru,

BMW and Ford

annual turnover

807,194 autos and light trucks crossed

Port of Baltimore piers in 2017


The Port of Baltimore:

A driving force in the automotive industry

The Port of Baltimore handles more automobiles than any other US port. Why? Its geographic advantage places it about 180 miles further into America’s heartland than other east coast ports.

The Port of Baltimore is located immediately off Interstate highway 95, the main street of the US east coast, and only minutes away from Interstate highway 70 which links to the Midwest. Within 24 hours, autos that come through the Port of Baltimore can find their way to two-thirds of the nation’s population.

In addition to excellent highway access, Baltimore enjoys two class one on-dock railroads, CSX and Norfolk Southern, which provide another intermodal option for automotive manufacturers.

Baltimore handles all of its cars with special treatment through its industry-renowned quality programme which brings together manufacturers, labour, auto processors, port officials and others in the supply chain every month to discuss auto handling at the port.

Two more reasons for Baltimore’s success with autos are its experienced labour force and four on-site auto processors which can add myriad features to any car.

As well as those brands mentioned above, the Port of Baltimore handles vehicles from OEMs including GM, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and Volvo.

Autos at the Port of Baltimore are more than a successful commodity; they are also a significant job generator. More than 1,150 direct jobs at the Port of Baltimore are generated by the port’s auto business.

The Port of Baltimore – a driving force for the automotive industry.










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Director of marketing

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