Terminal Zárate S.A.






More than 4m vehicles handled/moved in the

last four years



Commitment to quality and environment – ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14000:2004 standard


existing customers

Carmakers and sales representatives(placed in Argentina and Brazil): Volkswagen, Ford, General Motors, Fiat, Peugeot-Citröen, Daimler, Honda, Toyota, BMW, among othersHigh-and-heavies: John Deere, Class, Komatsu, Caterpillar, CNH, JCB, among others

Shipowners: K-Line, Grimaldi, NYK, WWL, MOL, CSAV, Eukor


Port and distribution centre

Terminal Zárate is an export and import key node for almost all the carmakers and sales representatives in Argentina. Located in the city of Zárate, in Argentina, South America, Terminal Zárate is a private port strategically situated at the centre of the core market of finished vehicles, near the main automobile manufacturer plants. It is considered as an extension of the plants with regard to exports, and as a direct distribution centre to dealers for imports.

Handling almost 625,000 vehicles last year, Terminal Zárate has been continuously recognised by OEMs worldwide for its high quality standards, commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and innovation.



Our latest projects include RFID technology for the tracking of units in port, and special online access for clients through our website whereby they can check, in real time, the status of their units and operations.

Terminal Zárate vehicle division is a specially designed car terminal and one of the largest and most advanced in the Americas, providing handling and maintenance of finished vehicles and other types of ro-ro cargo such as high-and-heavy machinery.

With dedicated personnel and modern facilities, Terminal Zárate offers a wide range of services including pre-delivery storage and vehicle dispatch, among others, according to each carmaker’s standards.

All services are developed and adapted to meet each customer’s requirements and the port provides the necessary options and versatility to deal with unexpected situations. This is possible thanks to a secure and integral in-house-designed vehicle tracking IT system that is able to share information with carmakers and dealers through tailor-made EDI applications.




Terminal Zárate S.A.

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