United Road



Quick facts

percentage of business in automotive


existing customers

OEMs, financial institutions, remarketers, auctions, finance companies, leasing companies and other participants in the secondary market, dealers and dealer groups, private individuals, third party logistics providers

annual turnover

2017 revenue: $600m

location of activities

Continental United States, Alaska and Canada


Premier provider of finished vehicle logistics services

United Road is the premier auto transport expert, annually transporting more than 3m vehicles for more than 10,000 customers throughout North America.

Founded in 1997, United Road uniquely serves the transportation needs of leading automotive manufacturers, leasing and rental companies, auction houses, wholesalers, new and used auto dealers, finance companies, and individual retail customers.

United Road is differentiated by its diverse service offering, highly trained driving professionals, industry-best capacity, an expansive geographic footprint, a stellar safety record and patented OVISS technology.

Composed of dedicated employees and trusted partners, United Road is driven by a desire to continuously delight its customers, professional car haulers, business associates, and employees.

Proprietary technology

United Road’s logistics software, OVISS, includes processes approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office for their innovations in vehicle load optimisation.

OVISS provides real-time visibility, improves productivity and ensures immediate responses to our customers’ ever-changing distribution challenges.

For over 10 years, we’ve melded GPS resource positioning with hand-held technology, enabling constant driver communication, electronic proof of pickup and delivery, and vehicle condition information in a real-time event, web-based reporting platform.

Our powerful OVISS technology is successfully licensed across the globe and outside the finished vehicle logistics industry.

Specialised transportation

Our specialty vehicle transport division, Pilot Transport, is the leading provider of enclosed vehicle transportation in North America.

Moving high-line, exotic and concept vehicles, as well as developmental vehicles destined for geographic locations which help measure the impact of extreme weather conditions, Pilot is the first choice for the time-sensitive movement of vehicles that require protection, confidentiality and assured delivery.

Whether our customer requires full service or technology alone, or is moving one vehicle or one hundred thousand vehicles, the United Road team is ‘Driven to Deliver’.

United Road – driven to be the supplier and employer of choice in the finished vehicle logistics industry.