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Goodpack operates in more than 70 countries with 18 subsidiaries and its HQ in Singapore. Serving a wide network of over 5,000 customer locations worldwide, Goodpack’s fl eets contain more than 4m reusable metal containers


“We are GOODPACK Networkers @ work. 

We deliver value to our customers and partners through efficient supply chain solutions, our global network and fleets of intelligent returnable containers.

Our industry-specific solutions and data analytics reduce supply chain costs, inventory, waste, damages, environmental footprints and capital spend.”

GOODPACK’s unique proposition is a transparent leasing model that gives customers full control of costs without any investment or capital, as there are no empty container return and disposal costs, and no hidden or surprise costs either – our containers are priced at a daily rate only for the days with active usage.

On top of that, GOODPACK offers a wider product portfolio to meet the challenges of the automotive industry.

Besides the fully removable side door on the MB5, you have the option of half-foldable side doors on the MB5H, as well as the MB5S container with a lower height for improved ergonomic handling. For larger auto parts, choose the MB5W, which is double the dimensions of the standard MB5.

When warehouse space is a cost-driver, fully loaded GOODPACK containers can be stacked five high for the MB5 and MB5H, and even six high for the MB5S.

Empty GOODPACK containers, before loading and after unloading of your parts, are collapsible to a height of 181mm. The collapsed containers can be stacked up to 32 high in a warehouse environment and up to 12 high in the truck, which keeps delivery and collection costs to a minimum. GOODPACK’s galvanized metal containers also protect loaded parts from any kind of damage, and fibre or wood contaminations.

Know every aspect of your supply chain with the total track-and-trace capabilities of GOODPACK containers, which mean reduced handling efforts and subsequent costs.

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Tel: +1 630 270 1250 (US)

+86 21 5879 9762 (China)

+31 88 124 4530 (Netherlands)