Whitepaper: Partnerships in automotive logistics

Whitepaper partnerships in automotive logistics

Download today and discover collaborative solutions for operational excellence, capacity enhancement, EV transition and sustainable practices

In an era marked by global challenges, automotive logistics professionals face a transformative journey towards operational excellence and sustainability. The post-Covid world, marked by supply chain disruptions and an intensified push for sustainability, necessitates a strategic engagement between carmakers, suppliers and logistics partners. This whitepaper, a collaboration between Automotive Logistics and MSC, delves into the critical role of partnerships in addressing industry-wide challenges and fostering innovation within the supply chain.

“The automotive logistics sector is a highly fragmented low-margin sector. This makes it more difficult to address immediate challenges such as capacity constraints, improving operational efficiency, and investing in longer-term shifts to sustainability. Partnerships are therefore critical in addressing those industry-wide challenges” – Daniel Harrison, automotive analyst, Automotive Logistics

Key insights

  • Rethinking collaboration in a post-Covid landscape
  • Demystifying partnership types
  • Digitising for operational excellence
  • Addressing capacity constraints through cooperation
  • Greening the supply chain
  • Collaboration in the EV Supply Chain

Who should download

Any professionals in automotive logistics and supply chain management working at OEMs, tier suppliers and LSPs, seeking strategic insights and collaborative solutions for navigating today’s industry challenges.

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