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  • US automotive market to struggle against backdrop of global challenges

  • DHL Supply Chain appoints automotive lead in Thailand

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    AL Global Detroit report: Dark times ahead for US automotive industry

    2019-09-17T14:25:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

    As overall US vehicle sales slow down and EV sales remain stagnant, there are concerns that some OEMs are chasing new-generation technologies at the expense of their existing business – potentially setting up a ‘make or break’ scenario in the near future.

  • CO2 emission regulations

    Emissions regulations pose existential risk for OEMs

    2019-09-17T08:00:00+01:00By Automotive from Ultima Media

    Escalating fines over CO2 and fuel standards, especially in Europe and China, are set to have significant impacts across the supply chain and OEM investment plans, according to a new report by Automotive from Ultima Media.

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    Auto industry faces lengthy decline in sales

    2019-09-10T21:42:00+01:00By Automotive from Ultima Media

    Global new vehicle sales could face years of falls or stagnation, hurting OEM profits and putting pressure on the supply chain, according to a forecast by Automotive from Ultima Media’s new business intelligence unit.

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    Daimler extends electric truck testing in US

    2019-09-10T15:02:00+01:00By Steve Garnsey

    Daimler Trucks North America is expanding field tests for its electric-powered trucks. This time the emphasis is on heavy-duty lorries.

  • Ultima global business intelligence report 1 cover

    Report: Automotive headwinds align into a perfect storm

    2019-09-08T08:48:00+01:00By Automotive from Ultima Media

    Ultima Media’s new business intelligence team forecasts global vehicle sales by powertrain over the next decade, with analysis of the trends reshaping the automotive industry and supply chain. 

  • tianmen mountain winding road - shutterstock_415629250_web

    VW takes electric Silk Road train to put ID.R at Heaven’s Gate

    2019-08-20T10:39:00+01:00By Steve Garnsey

    German OEM Volkswagen (VW) has opted to use the new Silk Road rail route to China to transport its prototype electric ID.R car – and all the ancillary equipment – for a motoring challenge in Tianmen.

  • Mercedes-Benz e Actros truck

    Mercedes-Benz truck trial reveals positive results

    2019-08-07T11:16:00+01:00By Steve Garnsey

    A battery electric Mercedes-Benz eActros run by logistics provider Logistik Schmitt has become an established part of the German truck manufacturer’s supply chain

  • Nissan Zero Emission

    Used but not confused: How battery diagnostics can help EV resales

    2019-08-07T11:05:00+01:00By Karen McCandless

    Resales of EVs are currently complicated by lack of clarity on the health of their batteries. Austrian start-up Aviloo has developed a diagnostic tool that can be used at dealerships 

  • Unknown copy

    Comment: Why the UK’s aim to be a world leader in EVs is nothing but a dream

    2019-08-06T09:28:00+01:00By Ian Henry

    We haven’t yet heard from members of the UK’s new, Boris Johnson government on its vision for EVs, but every time a member of Theresa May’s government spoke about the car industry, you were almost guaranteed to hear them say that the UK was going to be a world leader in electric vehicles (EVs). The idea is, in fact, laughable…

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