Materials handling

Systems and processes to transport materials and parts

Materials Handling


India conference report: Looking for the next leap forward

2016-11-14T19:07:00+00:00By Marcus Williams

India’s automotive industry is set to become the third biggest in the world but its growth is testing the infrastructure to the limit and bringing a high level of complexity to the supply chain. There are also big changes ahead related to tax policy and equipment legislation, which bring their ...


JLR part 1: Ensuring logistics is not a victim of success

2016-09-30T15:53:00+01:00By Christopher Ludwig

With so much expansion, change and inevitable risk still ahead of the carmaker, JLR’s director of global material planning and logistics, David Dyke, is pushing his department’s influence across the company and the supply chain to gain efficiency and further strength


BMW and Greer: A port far from any storms

2016-09-30T10:55:55+01:00By Greg Thompson

No ocean-going vessel ever docks there but an inland port at Greer, South Carolina, has proved a perfect solution for BMW’s import and export parts shipping needs

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