Whether you’re a regular or new visitor to Automotive Logistics, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some changes and new features on our website that we hope you’ll enjoy. We think that they both improve our layout and will help you better access and choose from the huge depth of editorial, conference and sponsor content across automotivelogistics.media.

Home is where the hub isOn our homepage, you’ll notice a cleaner, more visual design that better displays our editorial content, including the latest news, intelligence (in-depth features), opinion and data. The page, like Automotive Logistics, is a hub of ideas, discussion and analysis of this sector from across our channels, including the latest posts and updates on Facebook and Twitter, as well as our LinkedIn Groups.

The homepage also features more visuals from our global conferences, including the latest speakers, picture galleries and videos from recent events or interviews. For the many Automotive Logistics conferences that are streamed live, we will also host those videos directly on the homepage.

You also get snapshots from our comprehensive Buyers’ Guide, with links to profiles of featured companies from a range of sectors and disciplines across the automotive logistics industry. The profiles themselves have been enhanced with more company information, data and visuals, including social media feeds and videos.

News & Intelligence – dig a little deeperOur News & Intelligence page has always been where we catalogue all of our stories, but now you are better able to read content according to the topics that most interest you. The page offers you the latest from core areas of coverage such as OEMs, inbound logistics, vehicle logistics and service parts. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find more than a dozen further categories, such as packaging, materials handling, ports/terminals and more.

Furthermore, we will regularly be delving deeper into a variety of subject areas, including particular companies, trends or burning issues, from Brexit to the latest conference. As such, we will regularly designate ‘Hot Topics’ that collect together stories from current and past coverage to give you an opportunity for wider perspectives. Check out our latest Hot Topic with a range of stories on Groupe PSA, including a multi-part feature interview with its head of supply chain, Francesca Gamboni, as well as other news about the company.

Catch us if you KaizenAs with the automotive industry, Automotive Logistics aims for continuous improvement. We do not pretend that everything here is perfect, and we have plans for bigger leaps in innovation for our website, apps and conferences. But we are also trying to do more to unlock the potential value to our readers and delegates that already exists across the website, which contains more than a decade of global news, intelligence and Automotive Logistics conferences content across this complex and diverse sector.

So please, make use of what we have to offer and, as ever, don’t hesitate to provide us with your feedback.

In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for our regular weekly email newsletter and print copies of both Automotive Logistics and Finished Vehicle Logistics.

Christopher Ludwig, Editorchristopher.ludwig@automotivelogistics.media