Anyware Express, a South Carolina-based freight haulier, warehousing and port services provider, is expanding its business following an increase in the automotive parts business it handles. 

The logistics company is moving into a 9,300 sq.m facility in North Charleston, South Carolina, to accommodate an increase in imports and exports from the port of Charleston, and in goods coming from manufacturers across the south-eastern states. The new facility will house 20 office staff, 50 drivers and 60 trucks. 

Anyware Express acquires parts from companies, consolidates them at its facilities, and then delivers them to the port for export. The company also follows the same process, but in reverse, for imports. Currently the company operates several warehouses around Charleston, covering approximately 5,500 sq.m.

“We are essentially consolidating our operations so everything can be managed under one roof as we continue to expand our business,” said president and CEO, Adam Lawrence.

The company was founded in 2006, with an initial focus on local pickup and delivery, but this has since expanded into port warehousing and logistics.