Leon van der Merwe, Toyota

Understanding what JIT really means

Toyota’s Leon van der Merwe explains how lean and JIT are a philosophy and not just about low inventory

From Covid restrictions through to bullwhips in demand, manufacturers and logistics providers have struggled with supply and freight shortages. After decades of focus on lean management and just-in-time delivery, some have asked whether the time has come for new approaches to inventory and capacity planning, and a switch from just-in-time to just-in-case. At Toyota, however, lean principles are not just ways to avoid inventory costs and preserve cash flow, but are part of a philosophy to problem solve and visualise solutions.

In this panel, supply chain managers debate how the industry should balance the need to maintain lean logistics while insulating operations from risks to supply and logistics services. Learn about tools to mitigate disruption, strategic inventory planning and ensuring that logistics costs and lead times are integrated into manufacturing and purchasing decisions.

Leon van der MerweVP of Supply Chain, Toyota Motor Europe
David DudekExecutive Vice President, Global Automotive & Tyre Sector Lead, CEVA Logistics
Michael MeizerGroup Vice President, Professional Services, E2Open

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Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-chief, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media


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This session was held on Monday May 3, 2022 during the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Europe Conference

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