Laith, SEMI, Ron, CNW

The impact from the chip shortage has costs the automotive industry tens of millions of units of lost production and billions in revenue, while impacts from supply and price of other materials – from steel to leather to lithium – pose escalating risks. Automotive manufacturers can no longer manage such supply chains at arm’s length but are taking a more active role in the designing, ordering and logistics of critical components – if not getting directly involved in their production.

In this panel, experts provides insights into how automotive manufacturers are addressing current and potential supply chain issues to avoid long-term, recurring issues, and hear from how critical suppliers such as chipmakers are adapting to better serve a changing automotive industry.

Laith Altimime, President, SEMI Europe
Ron Glowinsky, VP Global Sales, CNW

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Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-chief, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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This session was held on Monday May 2, 2022 during the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Europe Conference

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