OEMs in Europe have made strong commitments to meet long-term objectives to reduce emissions. But EU targets to cut emissions by 55% by 2030 come with stringent requirements to make immediate progress in supply chain and freight, including in large shifts to rail and multimodal transport, new materials and packaging, increasing use of biofuels and eventually zero emission technology for trucking. How will the industry get there? Can it afford to change supply and purchasing patterns, and invest billions in new technology in fleet and equipment that is not yet widely available? Doing nothing is no option, and the European automotive logistics industry is facing critical decisions. But some companies are taking a real lead.

This session explores the steps that OEMs, suppliers and logistics providers are taking both practical and radical and shape a roadmap to help stakeholders transform their businesses and reach net carbon zero. It’s coming sooner than you think.

Adam Misiak, Head of Logistics Europe, Yazaki
Andreas Enger, CEO, Höegh Autoliners
Mads Stensen, Senior Global Sustainability Advisor, Maersk

Richard Logan, Senior Content Producer, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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This session was held on Monday May 2, 2022 during the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Europe Conference

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