Watch: Collaborate to decarbonise European automotive logistics

Decarbonising the European supply chain_Volvo Trucks, CHEP, DFDS

As European manufacturers set tight emission reduction targets in logistics, experts at Volvo Trucks, DFDS and CHEP reveal just how important collaboration will be for their sustainability roadmaps.

Sustainability targets are getting tighter and more aggressive, and in response, European automotive manufacturers will be making significant adjustments to logistics to reduce carbon emissions. Sustainability experts share insights on how to achieve these targets, including low-hanging fruit in improving pack density and returnable containers, the need for more holistic lifecycle emission analysis and the important role that renewable fuels will play, provided the right infrastructure is in place. But all of these strategies will require the industry to collaborate more closely than ever before. 


Jana Wignell, Vice-President Quality and Environment at Volvo Trucks

Sanjiv Takyar, Head of Innovation, Solutioning and Strategic Marketing at CHEP

Franz Goller, Head of the Automotive Industry Team at DFDS

Moderated by Rich Logan, Senior Content Producer at Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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