Watch: Partnerships the only path for real logistics change at Toyota and Volvo Cars

Partnerships to supply chain change with Volvo and Toyota

Volvo’s head of supply chain management Martin Corner and Hans Cremers, Toyota Motor Europe’s leader for logistics purchasing, want to achieve sustainability targets and support digital supply chains – and agree that long-term partners will be paramount

Both Volvo Cars and Toyota have undergone changes in their logistics and supply chain management, including integrating more functions across inbound, vehicle logistics and service parts, while bringing together more planning and purchasing functions. Each have taken somewhat different approaches but with similar objectives to have better visibility, develop strategic supply chain skills and help develop longer-term partnerships over a purely cost tendering approach to purchasing. Both Martin Corner and Hans Cremers also see these developments as key steps towards meeting the needs of a changing European supply chain, including in reducing logistics emissions, investing in new technology and rising to the challenge of electric vehicles and online sales.


Hans Cremers, Senior Manager Supply Chain Purchasing at Toyota Motor Europe

Martin Corner, Head of Global Supply Chain Management at Volvo Cars

Moderated by Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief at Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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