Watch: Preparing for a 99.99% chance of supply chain disruption

Preparing for a 99% chance of disruption with Hella, CNW, Wakeo

Disruptions in the automotive supply chain are a near certainty but nonetheless near impossible to pinpoint. Supply chain experts from automotive supplier Hella, tracking provider Wakeo and emergency freight provider CNW discuss the best ways to minimise risk.

Every supply chain will fail somewhere and at some point, but the question is how companies can best prepare and mitigate disruption. Supply chain risk management can be a highly strategic process for companies, as Hella’s Jian Huang revealed. Meanwhile, real-time visibility and data analytics can help manufacturers better anticipate and predict supply chain issues, as well as to react quicker. And sometimes, when material is short or canals are blocked, there is just no better solution than to expedite freight and supply.


Jian Huang, Global Head of Corporate Supply Chain Risk Management at Hella

Ron Glowinsky, Vice President Global Sales at CNW

Christophe Legrand, Global Key Account Manager at Wakeo

Moderated by Rich Logan, Senior Content Producer at Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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