Watch: Transforming the European supply chain the Toyota way

Transforming supply chains with Toyota_Leon van der Merve

Toyota Motor Europe’s VP of supply chain, Leon van der Merve, explains how the carmaker plans to reduce logistics emissions and how he wants to modernise just-in-time to be even leaner wherever possible.

Since taking over Toyota’s logistics leadership in Europe in 2019, Leon van der Merve has been leading the supply chain through the pandemic, Brexit and organisational changes including integrating managing of inbound, vehicle logistics and service parts to allow for better visibility and planning. With targets now to aggressively reduce logistics emissions, he is looking at strategies to change the modal mix, adapt alternative fuels and ensure logistics influences purchasing and production decisions. And despite all the changes, he explains why the Toyota Production System, continuous improvement and just-in-time processes will remain at the heart of the carmaker’s supply chain strategy.


Leon Van Der MerweVice President of Supply Chain at Toyota Motor Europe

Moderated by Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief at Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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