With supply chain costs rising and logistics flows carrying more risk, manufacturers need to ensure that sourcing, production and network decisions are carefully made, including as EV and battery output ramps up. That is why more OEMs and suppliers are focusing on strategic supply chain design from the development stage of vehicles and products. In doing so, they are working with new internal and external partners more closely. What are the most important opportunities and how can supply-chain design improve?

This session will focus on key areas of early and strategic supply-chain design across stakeholders, including:

  • Having a plan for every part, including collaboration with engineering
  • Design-for-manufacturing and design-for-cost strategies
  • Optimising network and distribution centre locations from early on
  • How to adapt long-term planning at a time of such volatile and disrupted freight and logistics costs

The panel discussion features:

  • Steve Brown, vice-president, parts supply chain at Toyota North America 
  • Maxim Serov, director of supply chain management for North America operations at Benteler Automotive
  • Richard DeBoer, executive vice-president, supply chain logistics at Carter Logistics
  • Ken Mortson, general manager, supply chain services at Agillence

Moderated by Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief at Automotive Logistics.

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This panel took place during the Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Global conference September 20-22, 2022 in Detroit. All sessions and interview are available to view for registered users of Automotive Logistics.
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