Executives at automotive manufacturers are ready and anxious to improve supply chain visibility and optimise logistics flows, and there is no shortage of technology available to digitalise and speed up processes. However, systems integration can require significant cost, time and coordination to implement. Supply chain and logistics leaders must prioritise their critical challenges and ambitions when they plan digital investments – as well as being agile in making use of new opportunities. What frameworks can logistics executives follow?

In this panel discussion, senior leaders discuss successful digital strategies for logistics including:

  • What problem needs to be solved?
  • Identifying the right technology to meet your logistics needs.
  • Where is the low-hanging fruit in digitalising automotive logistics, versus the key steps to investing in a truly smart and connected supply chain?
  • Strategies for working with agile technology partners
  • What is the best return-on-investment scale to consider?

The panel features: 

  • Raman Mehta, senior vice-president and chief technology officer at Johnson Electric
  • Ananth Ranganathan, senior manager, supply chain strategy and digitalisation at Nissan North America
  • Wiebe Helder, chief executive officer at Cargobase 
  • John Perkovich, chief operating officer at RPM

Moderated by Richard Logan, senior content producer at Automotive Logistics.

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This panel took place during the Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Global conference September 20-22, 2022 in Detroit. All sessions and interview are available to view for registered users of Automotive Logistics.
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