Even as global supply chains face a myriad of disruptions and increasing complexity, frictionless international trade and seamless processes remain essential for keeping automotive production lines humming. Hear how manufacturers like Magna Powertrain and providers including CNW Courier Network, as well as D-Troy and TLE are collaborating and adapting to overcome logistics and supply chain challenges in both container shipping and air freight, optimising customs clearance and working with enhanced visibility and communications to overcome volatile production schedules.

Adam Pieniazek (Magna Powertrain)

Looking for localisation in the supply chain

Adam Pieniazek (Magna Powertrain)


Adam Pieniazek, Sr. Manager Logistics North America, Magna Powertrain
Agustin Sustaita
, Managing Director, Transportes Logisticos Especializados
Philippe Grinstein, Director, Strategy and Business Development, CNW - Courier NetWork

Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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This session was held on Wednesday October 7 during the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global Live 2021 conference

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