Rising supply chain disruption and complexity have tested the automotive sector’s supply chain resilience and robustness over the past 18 months. Automotive leaders must innovate and evolve their strategies to alleviate those pressures while planning for the demands of the future. One such leader and company taking major steps to transform supply chain and purchasing organisations has been Kelly Bysouth, chief supply chain offer at tier one supplier IAC.

Since taking on the role in 2018, she has led on innovative approaches to improve visibility, leverage data and to maintain lean inventory management and positive cash flow, even in the face of disrupted supply chains. Bysouth joins Christopher Ludwig in one-to-one fireside chat to kick off Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global Live 2021, in a wide-ranging discussion on planning, operations and leadership in the supply chain. 

Kelly Bysouth, Chief Supply Chain Officer, IAC Group

Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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This session was held on Wednesday October 6 during the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global Live 2021 conference

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