According to Christoph Stürmer, “the train has left the station for vehicle electrification in Europe”, with OEMs increasing investment and output in the face of changing consumer demand and stricter emissions policy. According to a new PwC study that he presents at the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Live virtual conference, these vehicles will increasingly make business sense, too, as EVs close the gap in total cost of ownership with ICE powertrains, and as OEMs and suppliers reduce the production costs of batteries.

In a wide-ranging presentation and Q&A, Stürmer provides key data on EV sales and product segments. He also identifies areas in the battery supply chain in which European manufacturers can gain more value.

Watch: PwC study show how electrification will transform European vehicle product portfolio and value chain


Christoph Stürmer, global lead analyst, PwC Autofacts

Moderated by Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief, Automotive Logistic and Ultima Media

This session was held on September 15th during the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Live virtual conference. Click here to view all videos from the conference on demand.