As the world awaits a vaccine and effective therapies to treat the Covid-19 pandemic, global supply chains are going to be subjected to rapidly changing supply and demand with legacy planning tools that are ill-equipped to forecast and deal with unprecedented levels of uncertainty.

In this special session, automotive specialists from DSV look at the factors that have and will impact capacity and pricing for the logistics company’s primary transport modes (road, ocean, and air) and discuss strategies to enhance short term resiliency, manage cost, and ensure supply chain integrity.

NEW Real World Supply Chain Dynamics.001


Torge Mahnken, global account director, Volkswagen Group, DSV

Steffen Ringhofer, global account director, automotive, DSV

Moderated by Neemish Ladwa, conference and broadcast director, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

This session was held on September 16th during the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Live virtual conference. Click here to view all videos from the conference on demand.