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The crisis has underlined how vulnerable the supply chain is to shocks and is leading some manufacturers to reconsider inventory and planning strategies to mitigate disruption and instability. In this session at Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Live, experts debate whether this means a rethink in lean and just-in-time.

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With the automotive supply chain experiencing tremendous disruption in the wake of the crisis, ‘resiliency’ has become a key watchword across the sector. For some, that has led to new considerations in sourcing and location of suppliers and manufacturing, and more specific strategies to buffer production and distribution. But do technology and visibility offer a clearer path to sustainability?

Watch this lively discussion across global logistics experts and technology specialists. 


Michel Morvan, co-found and executive chairman, Cosmo Tech

Wim Blomme, head of automotive solutions, supply chain, DP World

Amlan Bose, COO and senior vice-president, Smart Links Technology

Moderated by Neemish Ladwa, conference and broadcast director, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

This session was held on September 16th during the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Live virtual conference. Click here to view all videos from the conference on demand. 

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