• How do I join the conference?

    Once you have booked and completed the short registration form, we will keep in touch between now and the event, including sending your virtual login details 10 days before the event takes place.

  • Where is it located?

    This is an online conference, which means that it can be accessed anywhere in the world through a desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet. All session, meetings and visit to our virtual booths is enabled simply through the internet.

  • If I miss any sessions, can I access the slides post-event?

    All presentations will be available after the conference for 30 days. So don’t worry if you miss any of the sessions as you can watch them all again on demand.

  • Is there an App that I will need to download?

    To ensure that you don’t miss a session there is an app (in case you have to step away from your desktop or tablet). Once registered, you will receive a link to download the app from your preferred app store.

  • How much does it cost to attend?

    Just $99. For three days of unmatched content and meaningful video meetings with your peers that will help you to thrive and survive in 2020.

  • Where can I find product and service insights?

    For a rapid insight into the most beneficial products and services to help your organisation keep progressing. Visit our sponsor e-Booths and pick up all the information you need to make an informed decision about the next service and product that you’ll be implementing and also speak with a representative to hear all they have to offer.

  • Can I ask a question during a session?

    Use the live chat feature during the session to ask your peers what they think, get expert advice from our range of speakers, or find out new business solutions.

  • How do I virtually network?

    You can set up 1-2-1 video meetings with your fellow attendees which will be automatically added to your virtual agenda. You can also start scheduling these as soon as you have access to Brella.