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The summer 2024 edition of Automotive Logistics is out now, leading with a feature interview with BMW Group’s Eugen Schantini, head of global vehicle distribution, and Thomas Wiech, head of transport planning and steering for vehicle distribution, with supporting features focused on finished vehicle logistics across ocean, rail and trucking

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Automotive Logistics Magazine - Summer 2024

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In this summer edition of Automotive Logistics, we talk to the heads of global vehicle distribution at BMW Group – Eugen Schantini and Thomas Wiech – about the carmaker’s crystal ball network strategy and the digital tools they are using to gain greater transparency and optimise routes and schedules, securing capacity and planning for a more sustainable future for outbound logistics.

Digital strategies are also developing fast at Ford and in this summer edition, Becca Adam, product line manager for material and vehicle logistics IT, talks about the implementation of digital twin technology for inbound material flow, integration of real-time location services into transport and yard management, and the focus on data management in logistics.

Our annual review of activity at the top-performing vehicle ports in the US and Canada shows that port authorities and terminal operators have spent the last year investing in infrastructure and the expansion of storage space to mitigate any congestion spikes and to maintain a smooth throughput as ocean capacity continues to be tight.

Looking inland, we feature in-depth feature on how US vehicle haulage providers are working with OEMs on a range of initiatives to better utilise capacity as vehicle output continues to recover in the face of bottlenecks and capacity shortages. This summer edition also looks at rail developments for finished vehicles and what vessel operators are doing at a time when capacity is short, and rates and asset values are high.

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Features include:

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