Car trailer manufacturing joint venture, Belle Rolfo, recently revealed the latest version of its Ego 11-car transporter at an event held in Warwick in the UK. Along with the latest trailer innovations, the joint venture also highlighted the advantages of the new Volvo FM Euro 6 tractor that is being used to power the rig.

At a presentation given at the event, Belle Rolfo drew attention to a number of innovations that it said saved the customer money. One was the use of disc brakes, which reduced pad wear and the frequency with which the brakes need to be realigned. Compared with drum brakes the company said that customers could make potential savings of £2,000 ($3,200) per truck.

The transporter also has a new front pillar module with a hydraulic lever box, which the company claimed provided better ergonomics for the driver, more efficient body swaps, easier maintenance and increased fuel tank capacity.

The new chassis space packaging for the Euro-6 FM transporter means fuel capacity has increased from 450 litres to potentially a maximum of 540 litres according to Volvo.

Belle Rolfo said the life of the equipment was extended thanks to the fully galvanised parts used. Part of that was the fact that it has eliminated the risk of corrosion on the piston rods used on the trailer by applying a surface coating of NiKrom500.

The widening of the decks on the equipment also means there is less chance of damage claimed the company, as did the bridge strike prevention device the company offers.

Volvo Trucks worked in partnership with Belle Rolfo on the presentation at Warwick.

The Euro-6 Volvo FM was launched in 2013 and features a new chassis with the same suspensions as the FH.

“The new Euro-6 FM is highly-suitable for car transporter applications because of its compact cab, low chassis height, high front axle capacity of 9 tonnes, its additional 4.5 tonne axle, plus its 3,900mm wheel base and new chassis space packaging, which allows room for good fuel and AdBlue [diesel exhaust fluid] capacity, in line with the larger Euro-6 exhaust,” said Duncan Seaman, Volvo Trucks’ field sales engineer.