Jaime Gorbeña (left), president of Spain’s Bergé y Compañía, with Luc Nadal (right), CEO of French company GefcoLogistics providers Bergé and Gefco have gained regulatory approval for the merger of their finished vehicle operations in Spain into a 50:50 joint venture called Bergé Gefco, based in Madrid.

Creation of the new company, which will handle new and second-hand vehicles, took place days after the European Commission approved the move.

Bergé Gefco will be able to coordinate and transport 1.4m cars a year, with 340 hectares of space to store up to 120,000 vehicles at a time, a fleet of more than 700 trucks and 100 railcar wagons, and 40,000 sq.m of workshop space. More than 3m new vehicles are produced annually in Spain.

It will run logistics centres in 10 locations: Ciempozuelos, Pinto and Villa Verde (Madrid); Barcelona and Tarragona (Catalonia); Sagunto (Valenzia); Vigo and Porrioro (Pontevedra); and Santander and Zaragoza.

“We are very satisfied to have received a green light to start our operations and sign this alliance with Gefco,” said Jaime Gorbeña (pictured above, left), president of Spain’s Bergé y Compañía. “We are convinced that it will not only reinforce our leadership in the Spanish finished vehicle logistics market but also stimulate growth in the sector with innovative services based on the shared expertise of both companies.”

Luc Nadal (pictured above, right), CEO of French company Gefco, commented: “This joint venture will reinforce our leadership in the automotive logistics market. The new company will be well positioned to anticipate market needs in a highly dynamic context and develop innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, partners and employees.”

The two founding companies, which first announced the joint venture plan in mid-2018, said Bergé Gefco would enable customers to better manage seasonal peaks in activity and benefit from dedicated resources.

The new company has pledged to place a strong focus on innovation to develop solutions closely matched to operational needs, and has suggested that in terms of second-hand vehicles, it will be the only provider capable of managing all logistics and commercial services with its own resources.

Its services for vehicle manufacturers, leasing companies and resellers include transport, warehousing, technical services, inspections, refurbishment, delivery, fleet management, trading and administration, as well as sales management – whether online, through auctions or via exports.

A Gefco spokeswoman told Automotive Logistics the joint venture only covered finished vehicle logistics in Spain. The companies’ other activities – including, in Gefco’s case, handling inbound components, managing warehouses and delivering spare parts – will remain separate.