Bertrand de Techtermann - European Operations DirectorBCA, the used car auction and vehicle logistics provider, has appointed Bertrand de Techtermann to the newly created role of European operations director.

De Techtermann joins BCA following more than 17 years in the automotive and vehicle logistics industry, most recently at Gefco Group, where he helped set up the company’s new Algerian subsidiary. He has worked across France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and the UK.

According to BCA, the role aims is intended to offer BCA’s business partners more service and assistance across “the full potential of the European market”.

BCA’s business covers a wide range of services across the remarketed vehicles sector, including auctions, online sales, logistics and preparation.

However, the company has also been expanding its capabilities in handling new as well as used vehicles, both through acquisition of companies as well as through hiring logistics and vehicle logistics veterans.

Last year it bought the UK car carrier fleet of Stobart Automotive; this year acquired vehicle preparation and storage expert, Ambrosetti, as well as vehicle logistics processor Paragon Automotive this past summer.

In recent months, the company has appointed Dean Hulse, a logistics veteran, as managing director of BCA Logistics. Earlier this year it also appointed vehicle logistics veteran Konrad Zwirner as European strategic development director. It also appointed Tony Booth, who had lead Stobart’s UK automotive division, as managing director of BCA Technical Services.

It is owned by a consortium of investors, Haversham Holdings, which is led by Avril Palmer-Baunack. Palmer-Baunack has previously held senior roles at earlier at Autologic, which Stobart took over in 2012.