Bill Cook_WEBFollowing the reorganisation of its NAFTA logistics management at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, William Cook (pictured) is moving from his role as director of logistics and customs for FCA US, to become head of supply chain management and logistics for Asia Pacific and China, responsible for all the carmaker’s logistics operations and purchasing in the region.

Cook’s role at FCA US has been split, as reported, between Marc Brazeau and Wendi Gentry Steukel. Brazeau, who had been senior manger for outbound logistics with responsibility across the US and Canada, now has an expanded director role, adding the full scope of inbound and outbound logistics and customs for Mexico to his responsibility, along with logistics procurement across NAFTA for Mopar, the group’s aftermarket brand, and for international freight and services for the region. Gentry Steukel now leads inbound and material logistics for plants in the US and Canada.

In Asia, Bill Cook replaces Bob DeCrick, who has moved back to the Chrysler headquarters in Auburn Hill, Michigan to take over Brazeau’s previous role heading outbound logistics, with a focus on NAFTA sourcing for vehicle logistics, as well as leading financial management efforts to track costs and savings potential. According to Brazeau, the plan is that he will eventually take the lead outbound IT systems. DeCrick, as well as the outbound operations teams, report to Brazeau.

A feature interview with Marc Brazeau is forthcoming in the next issue of Finished Vehicle Logistics.