Plastic specialists Röchling plans to expand its plant in Wackersdorf, Germany after new orders from BMW. 
Röchling Automotive is planning an expansion of the existing plant, enlarging the production hall, including technical and social spaces, by 2,500 sq. m, the loading/unloading canopy by 1,200 sq. m, and the logistics hall by 3,000 sq. m. The company expects that the expansion will be complete by May 2016.

Röchling is also purchasing three new injection moulding machines: one with a clamping force of 2,300 metric tons, one with 800 metric tons and one with 500 metric tons. Karl-Heinz Blöth, plant manager, said, “In the future, we will be producing plastic parts in the underbody, engine compartment, air induction system, and air flap control divisions, as well as air and water management for the BMW 5 and 7 series.” 

The company is also investing €4.5m to build a 1,350 sq. m warehouse on the neighbouring plots to the site. It is expected to create 75 new jobs and be completed by June 2015. Evelyn Thome, commercial manager at Röchling Automotive Germany said, “We anticipate clear sales growth at the Wackersdorf site in the next four years.” 

The current Röchling plant has more than 3,300 sq. m of production space and around 7,000 sq. m of logistics and warehouse space.