Car haulers, Jack Cooper Transport and United Road Service, were among the fastest growing businesses on a list of the 50 largest US trucking firms, drawn up for the Journal of Commerce (JOC) by SJ Consulting Group.

According to the results, Jack Cooper Transport, which is number 26 on the list of the biggest trucking firms compiled by SJ Consulting, was actually ranked second when came to fastest growth, achieving a revenue increase of 100.8% last year to $987m. United Road Service, which comes 45 on the overall top 50 list, came third in terms of fastest growth, increasing revenue by 67.3% to $560m.

According to JOC, the fastest growing company was Daseke, a flatbed hauler from Texas, which increased revenue by 157.6% to $532m, and put it (just) in the top 50 list of largest trucking companies for the first time, at number 49.

The list, published since 2003, ranks private and public for-hire trucking companies by 2014 revenue.
The recovery in the automotive industry in North America is leading to renewed business for finished vehicle carriers. Jack Cooper Transport

As revealed in last year’s US trucking survey, published in Finished Vehicle Logistics magazine both new and remarketed volumes increased in 2014, a trend that is continuing in 2015. Revenue growth has been matched with investment and takeover, meaning further revenue growth and new customers.

Jack Cooper’s fleet investment has kept pace with demand, including its acquisition of Allied Systems Holdings – formerly the country’s largest provider – in December 2013, making it the biggest single finished vehicle road hauler in the US.

Around the same time United Road acquired the assets of Waggoners Trucking, which greatly improved its penetration and density in certain US geographic areas, particularly toward the southeast and the southwest.