Frans KroonFrans Kroon (pictured) has been promoted to deputy alliance global director of strategy and planning for global alliance supply chain management at Renault Nissan, moving from his position as vice-president of Alliance Logistics Europe. Marc Dardanelli has succeeded Kroon in the logistics function.

Kroon’s position is a renewed role across the alliance, with responsibilities across strategy and mid-term planning. “I will look after the mid-term plan creation and execution, management processes, synergy creations in regions, and strategic resources planning,” Kroon told Automotive Logistics.

The role covers global operations, and includes inventory, production and demand planning, as well as production control, among other areas. Three years ago, Renault and Nissan combined their supply chain management departments at a global level as part of a new manufacturing and supply chain management function. This integration came later than logistics, which was converged to form Alliance Logistics in 2009.

Kroon will report to Mark Sutcliffe, global vice-president for supply chain management for Renault Nissan.

Kroon, who previously held various roles in Nissan and the Alliance in logistics purchasing and outbound engineering, has led Alliance Logistics Europe since 2014. There, he was responsible for inbound and outbound logistics engineering and operations across combined logistics for Renault and Nissan in Europe, as well as in North Africa, Turkey and Russia. The network includes around 20 Renault, Nissan, Dacia and Avtovaz plants across nine countries, with a considerable amount of cross-production and transport bundling between the multiple brands. (An interview with Kroon when he worked in outbound engineering is available here.)

Marc Dardanelli, who is taking over the logistics department, had been responsible for logistics operations for Renault and later the Alliance in Russia since 2012, during which time Avtovaz also joined the alliance and added production of Renault and Nissan products in its plants.

Dardanelli reports to Jean Francois Salles, alliance global director outbound and production control for Renault Nissan.

Marc Dardanelli’s role as head of logistics in Russia will be taken over by Xavier Lhors, who was previously responsible for outbound operations in Europe.

Arnaud Marchand has taken over Lhors’ role as general manager for outbound logistics operations for the alliance across Europe.