Pallet and container provider CHEP is expanding its activity in Turkey to support the growth in automotive supply for OEM and tier suppliers from there to markets throughout Europe.
“Turkey is becoming an increasingly important player in the automotive industry,” said Rainer Sandow, Vice President, Automotive Europe, CHEP. “We have made the decision to expand our operation in Turkey at this time because we are confident that Turkish companies in the automotive industry are looking to streamline their supply chain activities and drive out cost.
CHEP’s current customers there include Ford, Suzuki, Nissan, GM and Jaguar, and CHEP says they are keen for it to expand its network in Turkey because of the cost saving and efficiency improvements.
CHEP will provide reusable containers and pallets for the shipment of automotive components removing the need for companies to purchase and maintain their own stock of equipment.
Last Wednesday the company hosted a presentation dinner at the Kempinski Palace Hotel in Istanbul for 44 carmakers and parts manufacturers based in the country.
The event was attended by Mr Sandow and Tom Gorman, President, CHEP EMEA, along with other CHEP personnel.
We are now in the process of following up on that event, said CHEP EMEA’s Director of Communications, Robert Hutchinson. “We are increasing our presence in Turkey and have established our legal entity so that we can support both the domestic and internal flows of material.”
At the beginning of March this year Ficosa Otomotiv San, the Turkish division of command and control systems supplier Ficosa Group, signed a contract to use CHEP automotive containers to support its manufacturing operation in Turkey.
CHEP will deliver FLC containers to Ficosa's plant in Bursa, Western Turkey, from where they will be used to transport components to other Ficosa plants in Eastern Europe.