AL FVL Autumn 2021 digital edition – Moving forward together through disruption

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The autumn digital edition of Automotive Logistics and Finished Vehicle Logistics magazine is out now, featuring a four-part, in-depth special on Renault Group, in which its top executive for supply chain and logistics, Jean-François Salles, explains the supply chain revolution underway at the carmaker

This latest edition also includes a focus on GM’s strategy for closer integration with its battery suppliers, and with Honda, as it works toward ambitious goals for electric vehicle production in North America.

North American car makers also discussed the need for closer collaboration and greater visibility in the supply chain at this year’s Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global conference in Detroit. This edition reviews those discussions, with input from GM, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and VW, as well as looking at the contingencies tier one suppliers have been executing to cope with delayed deliveries and escalating transport costs.

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This issue features:


Renault Group focus part one: The new ‘never normal’ needs a supply chain revolution

Renault Group focus part two: Making sense of supply chain chaos with S&OP

Renault Group focus part three: Digitalisation, real-time data and tracking

Renault Group focus part four: Sustainability in the supply chain

ALSC Global 2021: North American tier ones deal with disruption

Localising the balance of power at GM

ALSC Global 2021: Supply chain visibility at the North American OEMs

Risk assessment and contingency planning in the battery chain with Vertaeon 

Voice of the industry: Greater supply chain sustainability through packaging with Orbis

Voice of the industry: Smooth sailing toward a sustainable horizon at the Port of Vancouver USA

Voice of the industry: Transporting the electric future with Ceva Logistics

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