As the automotive industry faces rising complexity and uncertainty across the inbound supply chain and the delivery of finished vehicles, all stakeholders are keen to accelerate digitalisation and leverage the best systems and software in automotive logistics. 

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OEMs, suppliers, logistics and technology providers are developing and implementing software tools to improve cost, efficiency, network design, address capacity constraints, risk management and visibility – and leaders want to ensure they stay ahead of opportunities in data analytics, machine learning and AI.

But many face challenges in realising the potential of digitalisation in automotive logistics. Reasons include legacy systems, limited interoperability, poor data strategies, skills shortages or a lack of investment.   

To better understand the landscape and the digitalisation strategies that companies are implementing across inbound and outbound logistics, we have launched the Automotive Logistics Systems and Software Survey 2024 to leverage our global expert audience and gain insight into the challenges, opportunities and outlook for automotive logistics technology.

Across both inbound and outbound logistics, the survey explores the wide range of issues, revealing the pain points, capability gaps and future potential. It drills down into the following areas of automotive logistics systems and software:

  • Types
  • Challenges
  • Objectives
  • Features
  • TMS features
  • Implementation levels
  • Providers
  • Integration
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Upgrading & investment
  • Approach

Please take 5-10 minutes to contribute to this valuable industry survey. Individual responses will be anonymous and will only be shown in aggregate.


Once the survey is complete, all participants will receive a survey report detailing the findings. 

To further reward you for your time, you can choose to enter a prize draw for Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling headphones, perfect to help you relax on your next flight.

The survey is part of an going focus and series on digitalisation and technology at Automotive Logistics, including our new event in Nashville this June, Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Digital Strategies North America, and in Munich this December, Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Digital Strategies Europe.

The survey will close on Friday 30th August 2024.

Thank you.