Watch: How Ford digitalised and insourced global supply chain processes | Your Questions Answered Part II with Amlan Bose

Amlan Bose

Ford is transforming its supply chain and logistics processes in a number of key regions, including creating an in-house 4PL and rolling out a dynamic transport management system. Following discussion on our popular Livestream Hour edition focused on digitalisation in supply chain and logistics, Ford’s Amlan Bose rejoins Christopher Ludwig ...

Ford’s decision to insource its fourth party logistics (4PL) services in India in 2018 marked a significant change for the company. Instead of relying on a provider to optimise and manage its logistics services, it instead built up internal resource and rolled out a new TMS and integrated planning system. Two years later, and not only has the system been a success in India, but it has been rolled out across several other regions, including Thailand, South Africa, with implementation underway for Brazil and Argentina.

And that won’t be the end of the journey. In this video, Ford’s Amlan Bose, who heads up inbound, exports, supply chain and digitalisation projects for the company’s global centre of excellence, returns to talk to Christopher Ludwig about more details of the project and about Ford’s ongoing digital supply chain initiatives, and the role that they are playing during the Covid-19 crisis.

This session covers in-depth the following quetions, all from our Livestream audience: 

  • Global plans for rollout of the system
  • Key challenges in implemenation 
  • Track, trace and visibility capabilities for Ford
  • Background and insight on Ford’s insourcing decision, and where it will go from here
  • How digital control towers are helping Ford manage the current crisis



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