OEM and lithium-ion battery cell supplier database

OEM battery cell supplier database

Keep up with changing supplier relationships between electric vehicle manufacturers and battery cell suppliers in this database.

As vehicle manufacturers ramp up electric vehicle production and EV product plans, securing lithium-ion battery cell capacity has become a key priority. And with demand for battery cell gigawatt hour (GWh) production capacity set to rise significantly over the coming decade, it will be important for automotive OEMs to work with a diverse and flexible group of battery cell suppliers. 

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Gain insights into how major OEMs and EV manufacturers like Tesla, Volkswagen Group, BMW, Ford and General Motors are expanding and changing their supplier arrangements. These include major and emerging battery cell manufacturers including LG Chem, SK Innovations, Panasonic, CATL, BYD, Farasis, SVOLT and Northvolt. 

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