Net carbon zero emissions in the supply chain are no longer a utopian dream, but a clear target from government, CEOs and, increasingly, vehicle customers. Experts in this session discuss how achieving that goal for vehicle logistics will require a combination of standardised reporting standards, network analysis and optimisation, multimodal transport, as well as changes to purchasing considerations and significant investments in new and emerging technologies. It will also mean constant innovation and collaboration.

Watch this session for the latest examples of how technology providers, rail equipment providers and ports are measuring and reducing emissions, using alternative fuels and powertrain technology to create more sustainable multimodal networks on the road to zero carbon logistics.

Daniel Gosson, Manager, Finished Vehicle Logistics North America, INFORM
Chris Cannon, Director of Environmental Management and Chief Sustainability Officer at the Port of Los Angeles
Rocky Loessin, Vice President of Sales, TrinityRail


Neemish Ladwa, Head of Product and Marketing, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media