Outsmarting the capacity crunch

Rory Hepner, Mercedes Benz at FVL North America

There is no single solution to the challenges facing North American vehicle logistics, but watch what Mercedes-Benz USA’s Rory Hepner is doing to manage the crisis with vehicle logistics providers, along with insights from top vehicle logistics brokers Acertus and outbound specialists RPM

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Low vehicle inventory level, driver shortages, carrier consolidation along with recovering demand have increased the pressure on maintaining visibility and throughput across the vehicle logistics network. As there is no ‘magic bullet’ to address these issues overnight, OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz are working with logistics service providers and technology partners to outsmart such challenges to keep pace with demand – notably through better visibility, digitalisation, data, and collaboration.

In this session, leaders from OEMs, technology specialists and brokers discuss alternative routes and solutions to overcome the capacity crunch and keep the recovery on track.


Rory Hepner, Director of Vehicle Logistics and Customs, Mercedes Benz USA
Trent Broberg, CEO, ACERTUS
Sergio Gutierrez, CEO, RPM


Richard Logan, Senior Content Producer, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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