Partnering to prepare for the coming outbound crisis – in conversation with Nissan’s Steve Jernigan

Steve Jernigan, Nissan North America

Nissan North America’s Steve Jernigan thinks the focus of supply chain constraints will soon shift from inbound to finished vehicle logistics, and encourages stakeholders in industry to work together during the opening session of Finished Vehicle Logistics North America 2021

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The automotive supply chain remains under intense pressure, with material and parts shortages, commodity price rises and shipping delays all weighing on production and costs. Nissan North America has also been hit, with plant shutdowns and low vehicle inventory. Steve Jernigan, director of vehicle logistics, sees signs that production could stabilise, but he also warns of a coming bottleneck for finished vehicle logistics as the industry tries to catch up for lost production and sales, with risks for capacity and driver shortages. 

In the opening session to Finished Vehicle Logistics North America 2021 in California, Steve Jernigan discusses system and digitalisation strategies to mitigate disruption and improve pipeline visibility, and how the industry needs to work together to prepare for further challenges in outbound.


Steve Jernigan, Director of Finished Vehicle Logistics, Nissan North America


Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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