The urgency for vehicle logistics visibility is increasingly evident, not only for OEM logistics managers and logistics providers, but also for vehicle dealerships and field marketing operators. The implications for vehicle retailers are significant: if they can’t demonstrate to their customers where their vehicle is and when it will arrive, the customers will go elsewhere. What’s more, a dealer cannot legally claim to have vehicles ‘available’ if there is no clear indication of where it is in the pipeline and when it is physically in stock. 

More OEMs and startups, meanwhile, are developing online sales models, which also depend on up-to-the-minute visibility.

Those were the conundrums discussed by Sara Nader, field marketing manager for Chevrolet, and other stakeholders such as Glovis. But solutions exist: real-time tracking, AI-driven analytics and optimisation, and also high-speed, high-quality imaging that not only confirms locations but can register and verify damages. Watch this session to hear more about solutions and technologies that more OEMs and dealers are turning to.

Christine Krathwohl, VP Global Business Development, FreightVerify
Sara Nader, Chevrolet Field Marketing Manager, General Motors
Marisol Vasquez, Senior Manager, OEM Sales, Glovis America
Jason Hauk, CEO, Black Widow Imaging


Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media