Charles Franklin, Glovis America

We’re not ready yet

Glovis America’s Charles Franklin thinks the vehicle logistics industry has to invest more in charging infrastructure and in transport equipment to handle the growth in EVs

As electric vehicle sales continue to grow, and carmakers show increasing commitment and investment in the next generation of mobility, how prepared is the vehicle logistics network to distribute them? There are serious questions about the charging infrastructure needed in the outbound supply chain and what the heavier weights and larger dimensions of EVs will mean for trucks and railcars. A new wave of EV makers is also spurring on the trend of direct-to-consumer deliveries.

Join our panel of experts as they identify the gaps in the network that require immediate attention, share specific challenges and nuances of EV distribution, and discuss where adaption and investment will be crucial to prepare and optimise EV vehicle logistics.

Charles Franklin II, Sr. National Manager, Business Development, Glovis America Inc
Zach Jennings, CEO, Chargie

Richard Logan, Senior Content Producer, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media


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