Kevin Austin, Toyota

Toyota wants more predictable ETAs

Kevin Austin is leading Project ETA at Toyota, aimed at improving predictability and accuracy of vehicle deliveries by coordinating supply and visibility across the supply chain

With dealer inventories near all-time lows, and end consumer expectations rising sharply, providing accurate and reliable ETAs has gone from being a ‘nice to have’ to a must for supply chain managers. This change is not only to optimise the vehicle logistics value chain, but also to deliver a superior customer experience and improved service.

In this video, Toyota’s vehicle logistics and demand and supply management divisions share details of their collaboration to develop and deliver Project ETA, a new system designed to trace the movement of its vehicles more accurately from the assembly plant to the dealer network, and importantly, share that information with its dealers. Hear how Project ETA is transforming Toyota’s finished vehicle handling and processes, improving visibility of the vehicle delivery process, creating timely and accurate ETA notifications for the dealer network, and providing greater accuracy in the movement of finished vehicles and more precise information across each stage of the process from factory to customer.

Hear as well from ETA experts from vehicle tracking technology leaders ICL and FreightVerify for how digital tools and machine learning can further support improved ETAs.

Kevin Austin, Vice President Demand and Supply Management, Toyota Motor North America
Manny Bansi, Vice President Toyota Logistics Services, Toyota Motor North America
Tom Swennes, Vice President Customer Experience Administration, ICL
Christine Krathwohl, Vice President Global Business Development, FreightVerify

Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-chief, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media


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