FVL North America quiz 2022 with Christopher Ludwig

Is the price right for FVL?

Host Christopher Ludwig scores our contestants based on their industry knowledge and creative thinking in the face of major challenges

Come on down and watch this fun, interactive session where FVL experts pit their wits against one another and the audience. Expect bad prizes but fantastic insights and solutions as our panellists, representing Nissan, Glovis and Acertus, give their perspectives on key issues and trends. Major categories include driver and talent shortages, real-time visibility, digitalisation, electric vehicles, sustainability, infrastructure requirements, low inventory and more.

Understand how pain points and opportunities differ and align across the value chain, and identify key actions, strategies, investments and collaboration opportunities that can positively impact the entire outbound network.

Steve Jernigan, Senior Director Supply Chain, Nissan North America
Trent Broberg, CEO, Acertus
Marisol Vasquez, Senior Manager, OEM Sales, Glovis America

Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-chief, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media


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